We’re here to share some of Cardiff’s cosiest corners to spend time with those closest to us, or escape for some well-deserved alone time. Calling St Luke’s Church Hall in Canton ‘home’, Pakistani café Maasi’s produces traditional family-recipe meals that will warm your inside. Maasi, meaning ‘auntie’ in Punjabi, is a loving term used for people on your mother’s side, such as mum’s friends and cousins. Built on the foundation of family, owner Sabrina Khan leads an all-female team, aiming to inspire the next generation of women in her culture. Most people say that nothing beats mum’s cooking, and Maasi’s truly embodies that. The eatery has built up so much of a reputation that customers have come from as far as Scotland to enjoy a taste of Pakistan.

Cardiff's Cosy Corners: Maasi's
Credit: Maasi’s Cardiff

With a mixture of Sabrina’s heritage, both Pakistani and Welsh, her food is packed with flavour. She serves the food she grew up eating, carefully selecting childhood favourites, such as the naanwich. Sabrina describes this dish as “a fluffy naan, to soak up all the yummy flavours, topped with a curry of choice (chicken, paneer or chickpeas) and smothered in a chilli and coriander chutney, topped with slaw and pickled red onions”. Sabrina has often been told that her food is comforting, memory-evoking and served with pure love by her customers. Her customers have also remarked that they feel as though they have been hugged after indulging in her food. Maasi’s Curry Club is also a huge hit with regulars and newbies alike!

Sharing the food Sabrina grew up eating brings the community together. Their regulars now feel like part of the family and Maasi’s have been entrusted with helping host their big days, such as weddings and christenings. Being in a church hall naturally nurtures a sense of community as it’s in the heart of Canton and a place where people come together in celebration.

As a testament to their hard work and dedication, Maasi’s were awarded ‘The Food Award Wales’ in ‘The Best of Cardiff’ category two years on the trot in June. Their community-minded spirit and delectable dishes are what define them.

To check out what Maasi’s are cooking up in the kitchen and for the dates of their upcoming Curry Club: @maasiscardiff

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