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Where are dreams made? Disneyland. More specifically, this is where the idea of the Cosy Cinema came about. As John Colderley and his family were queuing in the heat of Florida, it left them wondering if there was a small cinema with air conditioning that was completely immersive where they could take a break for a short while. Later, John took his lightbulb moment seriously, going on to develop a cinema pod in his back garden which soon expanded. Cosy Cinema now has 9 pods across two sites, Dinas Powys and Sophia Gardens.

Cosy Cinema is a new way to enjoy time and space that incorporates values as old as time, the enjoyment of spending time with your loved ones. A heated space in the autumn and winter with no windows, it really does feel like your own private cinema. The seating doubles up as a king-size bed, so if guests want to stay the night, they are welcome to do so! “It’s all part of the unique Cosy Cinema experience”, John tells us. Cosy Cinema also allows guests to bring their own gaming consoles so that you can game the night away without interruptions. With den-esque pods, they provoke memories of sleepovers you had as a child. In John’s words, “what is more comforting than that?”.

Cinemas offer a way for people to escape and unwind. John says, “My wife Sian and I are very proud to be helping people to relax and take time out from the madness of modern-day life, even for just a few hours”. Cosy Cinema has seen people from all over the country escape and enjoy the unique experience. While both John and Sian “love traditional cinema,” they appreciate there are aspects that others don’t like. Thanks to the Cosy Cinema, they now have a personalised experience that suits them. Their pods have also been the setting for four proposals and counting! Cosy Cinema will soon reveal their latest pods, which will fit up to six people.

Have you been racking your brain for how to spend your next date night? I think you’ve found your answer, head to their website:

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