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We’ve rounded up some of our favourite independent LGBTQ+ artists and creatives from around Cardiff to showcase their stunning work.

Gem Palace

Credit: Sean Kerr

Run by jewellery maker Sean Kerr, the Gem Palace was born as a small stall in Corporation Market on Cowbridge Road, Canton. The market offered a friendly and safe space for Sean, who describes himself as ‘a gay man making pretty things’, to flourish in his craft.

‘I am completely self-taught, specialising in complex wire woven pieces and extravagant seed beaded designs,’ he explained. ‘If it sparkles, it makes me very happy!’

Being best friends with Cardiffian drag queens – and getting pestered by them to make drag jewellery – inspired the craftsman to ‘launch [himself] into the sparkly goodness that is drag’ about six months ago. And, despite having been part of the queer society for over 35 years, creating drag jewellery has brought Sean closer to the community he loves.

Having lost his confidence and joie de vivre during a rough period in his life, the jeweller found himself rediscovering pride in himself and his work by being part of the magic behind creating a glamorous drag outfit. ‘To see these wonderful performers in all their glory, and to see them wearing my jewellery is such a huge thrill,’ Sean said. ‘Above all, my love and my joy for being a part of this incredibly diverse and supportive community has made me feel alive again.

Visit the Gem Palace Etsy shop at  

Big Girls Tattoo Club

Credit: Big Girls Tattoo Club

The Big Girls Tattoo Club started off back in 2018 in the basement of NosDa, an artist collective managed by Twin Made. Since then, the studio has blossomed into a sanctuary where the needles hum with creativity and acceptance, where everyone is embraced without judgement and respected, no matter their background. 

Today, the Big Girls Tattoo Club is home to a vibrant family of four talented tattooists (Rou –, Jade – @brokenpoke, Betsy – @ukiyoark, and Mace – @t3mptats). More than just a tattoo studio, the space is a riot of colour and expression that champions every individual’s story. ‘It’s humbling to be a space where so many people can openly express themselves, something we celebrate!’ says Rou, one of the co-owners.

But that’s not all! Adding sparkle to their repertoire is the brilliant Delyth – @teef_bling, a tooth gem specialist whose work dazzles and wows, ensuring every smile shines as brightly as the personalities that walk through their doors.

Big Girls Tattoo Club also opens its arms to an ever-rotating roster of queer and allied artists from across the globe, making it a hub of diverse talent and perspectives. So whether you’re seeking to make a bold statement, cherish a memory, or simply adorn your body in stunning art, step into the world of Big Girls Tattoo Club, where every tattoo tells a story, and every guest leaves a part of the family.

Take a look at their work on Instagram @biggirlstattooclub or contact artists directly to book

Weird Wednesday

Credit: @weirdwednesdayuk

Spirited brand Weird Wednesday is helmed by E & Cora – a dynamic duo proudly representing the queer community by infusing every aspect of their business with a flair for creativity and a commitment to inclusivity.

Weird Wednesday isn’t just a brand; it’s a bold expression of art and individuality. Each item on offer – a veritable kaleidoscope of tie-dyed wonders and meticulously screen-printed apparel – is a brainchild of E & Cora themselves, designed and crafted with loving precision right in the sanctuary of their home studio. 

But the allure of Weird Wednesday goes beyond mere aesthetics. The founders are deeply committed to sustainability, an ethos imbued into every layer of their operation. From eco-friendly materials in their clothing and wooden pins to biodegradable packaging, every decision is made with the environment in mind. This conscious approach resonates deeply with customers who value style and sustainability in equal measure.

Catering to a diverse audience, Weird Wednesday proudly offers an expansive size range going from XS to 5XL, with select items available up to 6XL. This inclusivity ensures that everyone can enjoy their unique designs, reinforcing the brand’s philosophy that fashion should celebrate all bodies.

Dive into the world of Weird Wednesday on their Instagram @weirdwednesdayuk or online at 

Just Bee Yourself Craft

Credit: @just_bee.yourself

Part of Cardiff’s bustling artisan community, Just Bee Yourself crafts more than charming handmade items – it weaves a tapestry of pride, creativity, and love. This delightful venture is the brainchild of a dynamic mother-daughter duo, whose shared passion for craftsmanship and advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights has blossomed into a beacon of inclusivity and joy.

The artisan shop’s offering features a myriad of crochet wonders – from the signature adorably crafted bumblebees and mini crochet octopus friends to snug cup cosies. Each piece is imbued with care and intention, reflecting the duo’s commitment to spreading happiness and acceptance.

Perhaps the most emblematic of their work is the LGBTQ+ Bee, a symbol of the queer community’s joyous spirit. These handcrafted bees, along with a variety of key rings and personalised cross-stitch designs, can bear any Pride flag, celebrating the diversity and uniqueness of each individual’s identity.

But the mother-daughter team’s mission goes beyond commerce; each item serves not only as a piece of décor but also as a statement of solidarity and pride, available to anyone who cherishes the vibrant spectrum of human love.

In a world where every bit of support and recognition matters, Just Bee Yourself’s team stand out not just for their craftsmanship but for their unwavering commitment to the message that love is love. Their work is a vibrant call to colour the world with the hues of acceptance and pride.

Shop the LGBTQ+ crochet range at 

Rhi Exists

Credit: @rhiexists

Another talented member of the queer arts community is Rhi Fairclough, a luminary Cardiff-based illustrator and printmaker whose work is an effervescent blend of tradition and innovation. Known for her distinctive approach that marries tactile traditional methods with modern designs, Rhi is making waves in the local art scene, particularly with her latest offerings showcased at the Cardiff Creative Shop.

Her artistry is a vivid celebration of printmaking – ranging from linocut and letterpress to the distinct textures of risograph printing, a method she describes with palpable enthusiasm: ‘The textures are just so yummy!’ Rhi remarks. It is this passion for tactile art forms that infuses her work with a unique depth and an irresistible tactile quality. Whether it’s posters, bespoke cards, tarot prints, or stickers, each piece invites the viewer into a richly textured world of colour and form.

Rhi’s work was recently showcased at the Homestead exhibition, hosted by Art Market Cardiff in collaboration with The Printhaus. Here, her creations stood out as vibrant testimonies to her skill and creative vision, drawing the admiration of art lovers and fellow creators alike.

Beyond the confines of her studio, Rhi’s entrepreneurial spirit and love for community engagement shine brightly. Her dynamic range of products is not merely commercial; they are pieces of conversation and elements of connectivity among people. Each item she produces is charged with her friendly, enthusiastic energy, and her creative spirit ensures she constantly pushes the boundaries of her craft.

Check out Rhi’s work over on Instagram @rhiexists

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