Lunia 3D collaborates closely with both businesses and individuals to develop novel product design solutions stemming from innovative concepts. Founded in 2020, the company was established by Ken Pearce, a dedicated enthusiast of 3D printing technology. A mere half-year later, Yousef Ahmed became an integral part of the team, introducing fresh insights and skills that significantly boosted the company’s expansion.

Credit: Lunia 3D

The Lunia 3D journey began not just as a business venture, but as an extension of their deep-rooted passion for 3D printing. What started as a hobby naturally evolved into a profession, driven by their enthusiasm to share and expand the technology’s potential. Their Cowbridge base has been a launching pad for not just their services, but for an educational movement towards hands-on learning and innovation.

Reflecting on the past three years, Ken told us “We’re so proud of the growth and the amount of work we’ve accomplished”. From personalised one-off customer commissions to large-scale industrial projects, each milestone has been a step forward in their mission. “The evolution of our educational workshops has been particularly rewarding”, witnessing attendees leave not just with a 3D printer but with a new set of skills and excitement”, Ken explained.

Their recently undertaken roles as Ambassadors for the Start-Up Loans programme is an extension of this mission. They’re particularly passionate about inspiring the next generation in the STEM sectors, showing them the transformative power of 3D printing. This recognition is not only an honour to the team, but also a platform to further their goal of fostering innovation and technical skills among young minds.

Today, Lunia 3D has a close-knit team of experienced engineers and designers who work together to offer amazing 3D printing services to their valued clients. With a strong foundation in place, they keep on growing and staying true to their original vision and passion to make 3D printing accessible for everyone.

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Credit: Lunia 3D

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