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Society’s Spaces: Aubergine Cafe

By WCS | September 29, 2023

Aubergine Café was founded by Selena Caemawr after an injury to their head left them thinking they would never work again. Despite working in many different roles throughout their working…

Society’s Spaces: Jukebox Collective

By WCS | September 29, 2023

Jukebox Collective is a youth-led and community-oriented organisation on a mission to build a platform that supports, nurtures and empowers future generations. Jukebox Collective was founded in 2001 by Liara…

Society’s Spaces: Anthem

By WCS | September 29, 2023

Anthem Music Fund Wales is a youth music charity supporting young people aged 0-25 and those who work with them through funding, partnerships and initiatives. They believe that music is…

Progress Doesn’t Come From Stillness: Nicole Ready

By WCS | September 29, 2023

I’m Nicole Ready, a freelance creative based between Cardiff and London. I studied fashion and whilst it is one of the industries I do work in primarily with styling, my…

The Big Interview: Bernie Davies

By WCS | September 29, 2023

There is no better time than Black History Month to reflect on how to achieve inclusion, diversity, equality and belonging in the workplace and beyond. This conversation is ongoing and…

Women’s Wellness: Menopause Awareness Month

By WCS | September 29, 2023

October is World Menopause Awareness Month and with over 13 million women in the UK being perimenopausal to postmenopausal and an estimated 1.1 billion women globally reaching postmenopause by 2025,…

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