Cardiff Life has announced the launch of Cardiff Business Life, a print magazine dedicated to showcasing the achievements of the local business community. Led by Chelsea Pinches Burrowes, this expansion comes in response to the growing demand for coverage of Cardiff’s thriving commerce, evident since the agency’s acquisition of Cardiff Life in May 2023. The first edition will be available at the start of April.

Chelsea Pinches Burrowes, owner of Cardiff Life and CEO of WCS Agency, said: “Following our acquisition of Cardiff Life, we have noticed a rising interest not only in lifestyle and culture pieces but also in the success stories and contributions of businesses in the city. Recognising this demand, we decided to create a dedicated platform that highlights the achievements and vitality of the local commerce scene. “This expansion reflects our commitment to celebrating and contributing to the growth of Cardiff and Wales, covering not only its vibrant lifestyle but also its thriving commerce. The support we have had from the people of Cardiff and further afield, as well as the team, have all helped make this second-publication possible.”

Since the acquisition of Cardiff Life, the lifestyle magazine has experienced remarkable growth, with paid advertising surging by nearly 525%, and social media engagement witnessing a significant increase of over 700%, gaining more than 12,000 new followers.

Cardiff Business Life, will delve into various themes in its editions, covering topics from workplace sustainability to strategies for achieving a net-zero carbon footprint. The Spring edition promises in-depth articles on these themes and more, offering valuable insights and resources for businesses in Cardiff.

Ellie Richards, Editor at Cardiff Life, added: “As the editor of Cardiff Life and now Cardiff Business Life, I share a passion for showcasing the very best of our city’s businesses. It’s our mission to bring forward the stories that might otherwise go unnoticed and unheard. The rapid expansion of the Cardiff Life group reflects our unwavering commitment to Cardiff and its growth. Watch this space!”

WCS Agency‘s growth plans include expanding its presence within the Cardiff community, supporting grassroots initiatives, charitable organisations, and government campaigns. The company aims to become a cornerstone of Cardiff, actively participating in the city’s development and economic growth.

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