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After a climate emergency was declared in 2019, the businesses of Cardiff have been paving the way towards a greener future. From original local business plans, to groundbreaking national developments, here are some of the ways that Cardiff’s businesses are combatting climate change. An Eco-Friendly Approach to Travel Transport for Wales have revealed plans to bring trams to South Wales in 2024. In a bid to ensure a greener transport network across Wales, the new Metro system will consist of electric trams which can travel on both electric railway tracks and on newly installed tram rails in the streets. Not only will these trams bring an element of excitement to the daily commute, but they will also offer an eco-friendly approach to travel. The trams will increase connectivity between locations, whilst also tackling the issues of road congestion and carbon emissions that can arise when taking other, more traditional modes of transport.



Cardif Council’s Strategies

One Planet Cardif encompasses all of the innovative actions that Cardiff Council are taking to lessen the effects of climate change. In one of their first strategy plans for a greener city, One Planet outlined their aims to cement Cardiff Market as a hub of locally sourced produce. Now, complete with an array of fresh food options and independent vendors, Cardiff Market holds this title with pride. As well as transforming this iconic venue, One Planet has offered support to smaller businesses. This year, One Planet Cardif hosted its first summit. This was free to attend and gave local businesses an opportunity to come together and learn how they can play a role in combatting climate change. The summit offered collaborative workshops, panel discussions and networking opportunities. With more to come in the future, over 100 local businesses attended this first summit. With this knowledge behind them, many of Cardiff’s independent businesses are now taking their own innovative approaches to make Cardiff green.



Zero Waste Shops

Siop Sero, in Rhiwbina offers an innovative zero-waste shopping experience. The walls of this not-for-profit store are lined with enticing and essential fresh produce – from loose leaf teas, to fresh chilli oils, from grains and granola, to pasta and rice. This shop is on a mission to reduce single use plastic, so, to purchase any goods, you should bring in your own reusable containers, fill them up with whatever your heart desires, and pay for your produce. It’s as simple as that! Alongside refillable groceries, Siop Sero also stocks ethical local products, such as soy candles, bamboo towels and toothbrushes, and plastic free razors. You name it, they have it. So, next time you find yourself heading to the shops, why not try this plastic free alternative?

For more information: @siop_sero



Swap Your Car for a Cargo Bike

Cardif Cargo Bikes is an independent Splott based business, encouraging the people of Cardiff to embrace the outdoors through an innovative, urban and eco mode of transport. Complete with an electric motor and sturdy frame, a cargo bike offers a sustainable way to transport people and goods across the city. Cardif Cargo Bikes prides itself on offering eco solutions to many of the environmental issues that often arise in cities. A sustainable alternative to a car, a cargo bike will allow you to get all of your jobs done whilst reducing road congestion and pollution levels, and keeping the city’s outdoor spaces clean. For residents, Cardif Cargo Bikes has a variety of bikes available to buy. For businesses – thanks to support from FORCardiff – cargo bikes are also available to hire to suit your needs.



Sustainable Solutions to Everyday Chores

Wash Cycle is an independent laundry delivery service, offering an eco-friendly way to complete one of your everyday chores. Currently operating in a five-mile radius from Cathays, they cycle to your door to pick up your washing, with an option to return it back to you that very same day. With a passion for the environment at the core of their business, Wash Cycle uses eco-friendly methods to do your laundry, such as machines with low electrical usage, reusable washing bags, and sustainable detergent choices. Additionally, their partnership with Ecologi means that a tree is planted every time their service is used. This offsets any impact that they may have on carbon emissions, keeping their business as eco-friendly as possible. So far, Wash Cycle and Ecologi have planted over 11,000 trees. With the hard work and tireless efforts of these businesses, it is safe to say that Cardiff’s future is looking greener every day.

For more information: @washcycleltd and @ecologi_hq

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