In a spectacular celebration of camaraderie and charitable spirit, The Brogue Trader Ltd, in collaboration with the dynamic Spiro at Cornerstone in Cardiff, hosted their 8th annual Brogue Goes Beaujolais event. This extravaganza drew a crowd of 170 guests, creating an atmosphere of fun and generosity that surpassed all previous years.

Credit: Kevin Garland

The festivities commenced with a champagne reception featuring Bryan Gunton and the harmonious voices of the Canton RFC male voice choir. Rupert Moon, Welsh rugby legend, added his charm as the event’s host, sparking a noticeable excitement in the room. The day unfolded with a sumptuous four-course meal and a series of live and silent auctions, skillfully orchestrated by the trio of hosts, encouraging attendees to open their hearts and wallets for two noteworthy causes: Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital Charity and City Hospice.

Distinguished members of the Cardiff community, such as Rod Woodward, Wynne Evans BEM MStJ, and notable figures in the sports industry like Nick Davidson and Rhys Williams, added their presence to the event, playing a vital role in making it a truly memorable and successful occasion.

The generosity of attendees reached astonishing heights, resulting in a record-breaking £100,600.00 raised — which will undoubtedly make a significant impact on the local community. The Brogue Goes Beaujolais event stands out in the Cardiff calendar for its unique funding model, with The Brogue Trader and Spiro personally covering the day’s expenses, supplemented by generously donated auction prizes, including exclusive experiences like a House of Lords visit and holiday home stays in Cornwall.

Credit: Kevin Garland

The entertainment lineup included the uproarious Ceri Dupree, whose quick costume changes and razor-sharp wit had the entire venue in stitches. The grand finale was provided by the 12-piece Big Macs Wholly Soul Band, whose electrifying performance had the room dancing into the evening.

Chris Macnamara, The Brogue Trader Founder and Managing Director, gave a “Huge thank you to everyone who attended and supported the event, including our sponsors My Big Green Fleet Lee Newman – Eurosec, Sony Europe, Rhys Harrington Dragon Signs UK, with a special mention going to Damon Rands for his generous donations on the day.”

As the curtains fall on this remarkable day, the lingering question remains: Will there be a Brogue Goes Beaujolais 9 on Thursday, 21st, 2024?
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