In Gorsedd Gardens, Brodies Coffee, a small community hub, has been making a big impact on the lives of the homeless for the past eight years. Initially starting with simple acts of kindness like offering drinks to those in need, they soon realised the growing numbers required a more sustainable approach. About five years ago, they introduced a “Pay it Forward” board where people could donate fully stamped loyalty cards or pay a nominal sum for a hot drink for the less fortunate.

Even when the board is empty, the community hub ensures that no one goes without a warm cup of tea. This initiative has been more than just a gesture of goodwill; it has been transformative for many members of the homeless community. It serves as a reminder that people care and over the years, they’ve witnessed individuals rebuild their lives and return to add more numbers to the board, paying it forward.

Last year alone, they facilitated over 3,000 hot drinks and they aspire to see this number grow further. Ultimately, their goal is to eliminate homelessness but until then, they continue to accept donations in person at either of their shops (Gorsedd Gardens or Bricks n Mortar) or through social media payment links. Their commitment to compassion and community shines brightly amidst the challenges of urban homelessness.

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