Over the last year the Morgan Quarter, made up of the Morgan and Royal arcades, has welcomed 11 new businesses into its historic arcades and has increased football by 62%.

So far this year, popular doughnut shop Whocult and independent café Maple & Bean have

become the latest additions to the Morgan Quarter with the UK-wide restaurant, Coppa Club,

soon to join them. The openings of these businesses along with the likes of Lucy & Yak, Astrid & Miyu and Beyond Retro have led to a steep increase in footfall – going against the national retail trend.

A recent study by the Welsh Retail Consortium found Wales to have seen the biggest

decline in retail footfall of any nation in the UK with shopping numbers declining 8% on a

year earlier and 4% compared to January. Despite these numbers, the Morgan Quarter is bucking the national trend when it comes to retail footfall statistics.

In March, the Morgan Quarter observed a 62% increase in footfall compared to the previous

year – with the first week of the month seeing over 100,000 visitors across the two arcades.

The familiar shopping destination for Cardiff residents and visitors is currently at 97%

capacity, with 61/63 units being filled.

The ongoing success of these two arcades can be credited to the range of independent

shops and larger brands all available under one roof. From housing Cardiff favourites like Wally’s and Fresh Baguette Bar, to welcoming new and upcoming businesses like Whocult and Maple & Bean, it is an exciting time for the two arcades.


At the end of March, Whocult opened its fifth store in the Royal Arcade. With four stores across South Wales, including sites at Barry’s Goodsheds and in Newport Market, Whocult has developed a strong reputation for its delicious coffee and doughnuts, trendy merchandise and unparalleled customer experience.

Their long-awaited opening at 20 Royal Arcade did not disappoint, selling thousands of

doughnuts on their first day alone. Whocult owner, Scott Magill, said the Morgan Quarter was the perfect place to open the brand’s fifth store. He said: “We were waiting for the right time and space in Cardiff and the Morgan Quarter appeared to be the perfect location due to its central position in the city and the presence of other independent businesses, aligning well with Whocult’s ethos.”

Maple & Bean

February marked the opening of the second Maple & Bean, a small independent café which opened in Cowbridge in 2022. Maple & Bean was born after owner Abbie became frustrated with arriving for breakfast at 11:35am and being ushered onto the lunch menu. Now with all-day breakfasts, stacks of pancakes and amazing smoothies, Maple & Bean has

already proved popular since its doors opened at 28 Morgan Arcade.

After their initial success at the Cowbridge store, Abbie felt confident in looking for another

location. She said: “We still can’t quite believe we are in the Morgan Quarter – it is such a

beautiful location and a stunning building. We are in such good company with our fellow retailers. It’s very inspiring to be surrounded by people who feel proud of their business, as many of whom are working for themselves.”

More to come…

Coppa Club is set to be the latest household name opening its doors in the Morgan Quarter. With several stores across the UK, this popular high-street chain known for its excellent food and drink is expected to add to the already impressive footfall seen in the Morgan Quarter this year.

Marika Jones, centre manager at Morgan Quarter said, “We are delighted to see a wide

range of stores choosing to open in the Morgan Quarter. There is a distinct sense of community among the businesses here.”

The Morgan Quarter is open seven days a week between 8am-6pm Monday to Saturday

and 10am-5pm on Sunday.

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