Bigmoose, a pioneering mental health charity, is proud to announce the success of its largest event to date, the bigmoose Ultra Fun Run, held on Sunday, April 14th, 2024. The event drew participants from all over the UK, Ireland and the USA and saw an outpouring of support and enthusiasm, resulting in an astonishing fundraising total of £26,865.

“We are overwhelmed by the incredible response to our Fun Run event,” said Jeff Smith, Co-Founder of bigmoose. “The generosity and dedication of our supporters have once again demonstrated the power of community in tackling mental health challenges. With this remarkable achievement, we can provide therapy for at least 67 individuals in need.”

The vibrant sea of spotty tees that filled Bute Park turned heads, brought smiles to locals and served as a beacon of hope and awareness for mental health support. “Our spotty tees have become symbols of our mission,” explained Chloe Smith. “They have sparked conversations, raised awareness, and even led individuals to seek out our services. Every tee represents a lifeline for someone struggling with their mental health.”

Following the event, bigmoose has already received numerous inquiries, indicating a growing interest in their services and mission. “The impact of events like these extends far beyond fundraising,” said Chloe Smith. “They connect people, spark conversations, and inspire action. We’re incredibly grateful to everyone who participated and supported us.”

Since its establishment in 2022, bigmoose has received nearly 1,500 therapy referrals, with 49 individuals crediting the organisation with saving their lives. However, sustaining these life-saving services requires ongoing support beyond donations and fundraising. Bigmoose is actively seeking partnerships with business owners who share their philanthropic vision and are interested in supporting mental health initiatives.

“We believe that together, we can make a difference,” said Jeff Smith. “By forging meaningful partnerships with businesses, we can ensure that vital mental health support reaches those who need it most.”

For more information about bigmoose, visit:

Business owners interested in supporting bigmoose’s mission are encouraged to reach out via the website’s contact page.

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