Forget summer, let’s skip straight to the good stuff! Welsh interior designer Elizabeth Styles reveals all when it comes to creating a home this autumn that’s sustainable, cosy, and of most of all; to your style.

Let’s be honest, we can say goodbye to our summer outdoor cushions and say ‘oh, hello’ to scented candles and cosy cushions. At Elizabeth Styles, we’ve been planning our autumnal changeover for a while now and can’t wait to share with you our mood-boosting seasonal tips.

We’re heading towards a trend that’s being inspired by the 70’s. Don’t worry, relax, it’s not the 70’s that’s plastered in colour with extreme pattern… that can stay where it belongs, in Grandma’s house! We are inspired by the cosy living, low slung comfort and sculptural curves and okay, the occasional 70’s floral pattern. A pop of colour and embellishment can add so much joy. You should try it, in moderation.

I don’t really believe in designing to trends as wall coverings, beautifully made furniture and art are far too expensive to see them as a flash in the pan moment. As we become more environmentally aware, out goes the need for fast furniture and appreciation for vintage returns. I always say to clients when designing a room, you need to learn to live with it for a long time. So, I hear you… how do you step into the season and switch up your home for autumn/winter?

Who said brown was boring?

Browns are current and are predicted to stick around for a long time. They also make for the perfect addition when adding warmth to a room. Walnut, beech, mahogany and acacia are all woods that will create a warm undertone for that sense of grounding, creating a calm environment to help us feel more connected to nature. A coffee table, the occasional chair or a wooden sculptural object are perfect pieces to start with.

Comfort at your feet

If you’ve taken your rug away for that summer indoor/outdoor feel, it’s now time to get it back out and layer up. Rugs can be fun and offer that pop of colour, pattern, and comfort. A top tip from me is to try and fit all your furniture onto your rug… that’s all 4 feet of your sofa included! Go as large as the space can handle. Carpet is making a comeback, so a large rug can create this look without too much maintenance or cost.

Moody Sundays

Set aside a Sunday to create a mood board of all things that make you happy in your home. It’s easy to do, fun and it will act as a guide to encourage flow throughout your home. Here’s one I’ve created for our home this season, with a few autumnal changes that will complement our current furniture and add warmth, not overwhelm. The key is flow and consistently. “If you find something you love, make space for it.”

The Human Touch

Autumn 2023 will see us turning to second hand, vintage pieces that are steeping in history and some of the best craftsmanship. When it comes to mixing vintage pieces with a modern decor, almost anything goes. I always think of the 60-30-10 rule. 60% of your home needs to be a solid, grounded and accomplished style and 30% is your secondary colour, pattern, textured fabrics and wallpapers to support that style. With the remaining 10%, you can have fun and mix it up. Use your 10% wisely; a single statement piece of furniture, like a great vintage chair, a pair of carvers at a dining table, a distressed sideboard, or a large antique rug. How about planning a day to Cardiff Indoor Flea Market to see what you can find?

If second hand isn’t your thing, you can create a similar look by investing in new pieces inspired by key periods of design. If you ever want to switch up your style, look to upcycle them!

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