Rebecca Fox, the visionary behind Evelyn Fox Designs, brings over 25 years of rich experience to the world of interior design. Trained at the prestigious KLC School of Design in London, her journey includes stints in both London and New York during the 90s, collaborations with renowned brands like Emma Bridgwater and window displays for Liberty in London.

Having worked with luxury brand Donghia and catered to high-profile clients in super yachts and hotels, Rebecca now resides in Wales, where she passionately runs a curtain-making business and curates bespoke projects. Her latest venture includes 1-hour design appointments via Zoom, guiding clients in transforming their spaces. Rebecca unveils captivating spring trends, blending her global experience with a commitment to bespoke creativity.

Credit: Rugs by Bombay Sprout

According to Rebecca, this season marks a shift towards understated luxury, bidding adieu to over-the-top extravagance. Drawing inspiration from the timeless aesthetics of The Row fashion line by Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, Rebecca emphasises the rejection of logos in favour of a more personal touch.

In Rebecca’s perspective, classic pieces will take centre stage, encouraging investment in chairs and cabinets ripe for transformation through a sprinkle of love and upcycling magic. Rich browns and vibrant hues such as natural greens, terracottas, yellows and blues, accompanied by textured creams, will dominate the fabric palette. Geometric designs will find their way into fabrics, vases and china ware, with contributions from retailers like Marks and Spencer, Oliver Bonas and even local supermarkets like Asda.

Credit: Anthropologie

For those inclined towards lighter hues, classic twists of black, beige and ivory provide a timeless touch. Silver lighting and coloured glass, Rebecca says, are undeniably ‘on Vogue,’ suggesting savvy sourcing from charity shops, eBay, or GumTree for hidden treasures, like the ones she’s collected since her teens.

Rebecca envisions the laid-back 70s vibe taking centre stage, with bespoke seating in alcoves adorned with stripe and frill cushions, creating inviting and soft spaces. She bids farewell to the sterile look of single rooms and hotels, championing personality and vibrancy as the focal points. Cane and wicker furniture gracefully step aside for more durable materials, while recess lighting and faux lime wash walls make room for the warmth of papers and rugs.

Credit: Country Abodes

Central to these trends, Rebecca emphasises the importance of tapping into personal taste and embracing what is timeless to each individual. In her view, interior design transforms into a narrative, a story of how we live and what we love. Environmentally, she applauds the positive return to avoiding waste and embracing the charm of vintage pieces and antiques, especially in Wales, where the abundance of resources turns sourcing these timeless treasures into a captivating journey.

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