Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant Hapus! St David’s Day is fast approaching and we can’t wait for this iconic Welsh celebration of the life and legacy of St David. With so much to see and do in and around the city as it transforms into a hub of festivities, we’ve made a handy guide for the best ways to celebrate the patron saint of Wales in Cardiff this year.

From traditional parades that showcase the vibrancy of Welsh culture to an array of lively events, our guide aims to provide you with insights into the city’s dynamic celebratory offerings. Immerse yourself in local traditions, try delicious Welsh cuisine, and explore historical landmarks that embody the cultural richness of Wales. Whether you are a local seeking new adventures or a visitor eager to embrace the Welsh spirit, our guide promises an unforgettable St. David’s Day celebration in Cardiff.

Marvel at the National St David’s Day Parade

No St David’s Day celebration would be complete without watching the incredible National St. David’s Day Parade.

Image: The Diff Daff

Head down to the city centre and watch it come alive with a sea of flags, music, and locals dressed in honour of the patron saint of Wales. Cardiff is completely taken over by the chants of the crowd and traditional Welsh songs that set the perfect backdrop to the festivities. The colourful procession transforms the streets of Cardiff into a lively tribute to St David and a joyous celebration of all things Welsh.

Challenge yourself in the spirit of St David

Get active on St David’s Day and head over to Bute Park to take part in the annual St David’s Day Run. Dressing up as daffodils, leeks and dragons is encouraged!

Image: Wales Online

Whether you’re an avid runner or a complete novice, opt for the 5k, challenge yourself with the 10k or go the extra mile and run the half marathon. For your little dragons, there’s even a 1.5k run so the whole family can get involved.

Even better, taking part doesn’t just get you a great run; a donation from every entry fee will be given to Welsh charities like Cancer Research Wales and Kidney Wales. You’ll be taking part in an event that celebrates St David, as well as keeping yourself fit and helping others. What’s not to like?

Learn about Welsh history with help from CADW

To celebrate St David’ s Day, CADW is offering free admission to their 16 heritage sites across Wales.

Image: Castell Coch

Among these treasures, Visit Castell Coch and explore Wales’ rich cultural history in a stunning display of medieval architecture and design – did you know it’s the public’s favourite building in Wales? Situated in North Cardiff and surrounded by lush forest, Castell Coch stands as a testament to the grandeur of Welsh heritage. Don’t miss this fun and free opportunity to explore some incredible Welsh locations this St David’s Day!

Submerge yourself into Welsh culture and try some traditional Welsh food

Immersing yourself in all things Welsh is key to celebrating St David’s Day, so what better way to appreciate Welsh culture than trying some classic Welsh food?

Head into Cardiff Indoor Market and make a beeline to Cardiff Bakestones to try some mouthwatering Welsh cakes. They offer a whole heap of different varieties of Welsh cakes, including vegan and gluten-free. While you’re at it, make sure to explore the Market, soaking in the lively atmosphere and enjoying the diversity of flavours that make up modern Wales.

Image: Bakestones Wales

If you’re looking for something more substantial, swing by The Potted Pig. They offer a seasonal menu that highlights the very best of fresh Welsh produce.

Deep dive into the evolution of Wales at National Museum Cardiff

Embark on a journey into the rich tapestry of Welsh history and visit the National Museum Cardiff to view their mesmerising exhibition of The Evolution of Wales.

Image: National Museum Cardiff

In the spirit of St David’s Day, go right back to where it all began and see how the modern landscape of Wales came to be. With lots of interactive elements, the exhibition offers an engaging, hands-on experience that brings Welsh history to life. It’s a blast from the past, so meteorites, moon rock and mammoths await as you discover the early history of Wales.

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